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In an uncertain world, it is easy to get lost and become disconnected with yourself and others. One of the best ways we’ve found to stay connected is through good conversations with friends, your community, and your tribe. 

The Wisdom Experience podcast is about exploring inner wisdom, reconnecting with self and others, and sharing the journey through conversation.

Join us for fun and good conversations fuelled by coffee!

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Soothing Soul

The world is on fire and that’s causing a lot of stress and anxiety. In this mini-WEX episode, I share an idea with you to

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13: Courage and Identity

In this episode we have a particularly lively conversation about the philosophical perspective on consciousness, why the brain looks for patterns and the challenge about having the courage to be yourself.

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12: Reality

In this episode, we explore whether or not we can create our own reality through the power of minds.

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Naomi Martell-Bundock is a change agent and well-being facilitator. She’s on Twitter at @NaomiMartell


Clay Lowe is a podcaster, blogger, and a visual-storyteller. He’s on Twitter at @soulcruzer