9: The Philosophy of Personal Development

In this episode, we share more about why and how we’re a learning, conversational podcast, and what that can do for you as opposed to being an explicit training podcast.
Clay shares about the three stages of development for you as a listener to a conversational podcast, and the part that questions can play in your own learning and development.
At 11 minutes we delve deeper into philosophy and why it doesn’t have to be academic; if you’re a lover of wisdom and enjoy thinking through general and fundamental questions about life, perhaps developing critical thinking skills and, at 12 mins 40 secs Clay shares what philosophy is not and why Socrates – the OG philosopher – met with an untimely demise.
Naomi shares her view of religion and spirituality, and what she believes life is for, and Clay shares that ultimately he is an existentialist who believes that life is meaningless – listen in to find out his positive perspective on this!
This is another of our wide-ranging episodes and we compare and contrast philosophy, religion, and spirituality; highlight some sub-categories, and why the politics of universities meant that philosophy developed in a way that excluded many people, and yet it touches everyday life.  
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